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All Literature Is Culture

Literature is probably the one of the oldest forms of communication known to mankind. In fact, literary works have been said to have existed as far back as the fourteenth century. The literature generally is any collection of ancient written work, however, it is even more specifically used more narrowly for written works specifically designated as an art form, particularly epic poetry, prose fiction, and drama. In recent years, the scope of literary work has widened significantly, with many categories of literary work having been completely eliminated from dictionaries and encyclopedias.

Early modern literature consists of the writings of Jean de Laplacie, Nicaten au courant, and pamphlets disseminated throughout various areas of France in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth century. These popular magazines gave a voice to thousands of authors, many of whom were prominent artists or otherwise notable figures of their time. Some of the most famous works from this period of literature are The Essay on Criticism and Essay on Man. Much of this popular literature came from pamphlets distributed by prominent French authors.

Later in the nineteenth century, another significant type of literature was created by German university students who were interested in examining the vast amounts of scientific information now available through scientific journals and pamphlets. This group of German scholars began what is called the "Linguistics and Social Sciences" field. This group of scholars examined literary works from all disciplines and from all parts of Germany in order to compile a volume entitled Der Fluchta-Bibliographie der araben folgen. This project was undertaken in the hopes of building a dictionary of the languages of the Arabic world. Today there are many websites on the internet which offer scholars the opportunity to use literature reviews to make sense of the vast body of literature available to them.

From the works of such eminent writers as Franz Kafka, Martin Luther King, and Franz Kafka (whose work is still highly appreciated today), came the concept of "verse writing" which can be considered an offshoot of literature. verse writing occurs when a writer forms a sort of narrative about his or her own life. It is sometimes related to storytelling, poetry, or song. This literature has been called "verse literature" because it was not immediately recognized as literature by traditional standards. For instance, one early example of a genre of verse literature, the Arab Nights, did not receive the standard treatment by either classical or modern scholarship, and its role in the formation of Arabic literature was never adequately explained.

In modern times, different strands of the humanities have attempted to classify different types of literature. Many individuals and scholars consider that poetry constitutes literature, while other experts (such as literary critics) disagree. For instance, some literary critics argue that meter plays an important role in the formation of a poem, while others (including many scholars of religion) believe that the historical and social contexts in which a poem is written actually determine its meaning. On the other hand, meta-literary critics (such as those in the field of anthropology) maintain that all forms of literature can be reduced to one or more of the following literary genres: narrative, fiction, essays, fictional, pictorial, dramatic, non-fiction, and erotica.

Poetry and other narrative forms are the result of the interplay between words and characters, narrating events that occur in the world around us. The stories told in poetry and other narrative forms are the products of human imagination. On the other hand, all texts are essentially the products of culture and society. All texts are produced by reading, writing, and speaking cultures. That is to say, all literature is "culture" and all literature constitute "literature".